Meet Scooter!

Name: Scooter

Breed: Scooter is a handsome, domestic short-hair weighing almost 17 pounds. He is a big boy with large, engaging eyes.

Likes: Were Scooter able to testify he would likely list being brushed and taking naps as his favorite things. Donna, his Sit-A-Pet sitter, is challenged every visit by Scooter’s endless appetite for brushing. Scooter is so vocal in his pleas; we have encouraged Donna not to fall prey to his demands for more strokes.

Being a free spirit it’s difficult to know what Scooter might say if he were able to speak. My guess is that he would have advice for humans. That advice would be “Nap more… stress less.”

Dislikes: Scooter’s time on his own may be what caused him to be leery of everything and everybody. However, over the years he has become less timid around strangers but still doesn’t like being outside. This is not a cat to take camping!

About Scooter: My husband and I were fortunate to adopt Scooter in 2006 after he was rescued by four wonderful women. Scooter had been abandoned by a neighbor of theirs and was left to fend for himself for months. The women noticed him digging in their trash but weren’t able to entice him indoors. However, recognizing their kindness he would come to one of their homes each day at breakfast and dinner time. One of the women even put a bed on her front porch for him. When he was in a weakened state due to a serious injury these women caught him and pooled their money to get him treated by a Vet. Because the women were all owners of multiple cats their hope was to get him healthy enough for adoption. Working with the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, they arranged for him to enter the organization’s adoption program once he had recovered. That is when we entered the picture. Scooter has been an affectionate and entertaining companion for both of us and has acclimated well to ruling our household.