Meet Tallulah!

Name: Tallulah (aka “Lu”, “Pooky Pants”)

Breed: Scottish Fold

Likes: Being pet – on the head, cheeks, chin and belly; cuddling; snuggling on the sofa or in bed; sitting on a warm lap (get the picture?); a distant second to lots (and lots and lots) of attention are playing with my cat dancer (but I like the dancer to come to me), having long conversations (I always get the last word), observing squirrels and birds from my window; finding a hidey hole in a nice, warm comforter; drinking water from real glasses, not that phony cat bowl junk; kitty yoga.

Why are you just sitting there looking at me? Pet me. Now…I mean please!

Dislikes: People who don’t pet me; when my mom talks on the phone and ignores me; when no one leaves me an empty chair to occupy (what – I’m supposed to sit on the floor?); traveling by plane, train or automobile; getting my nails clipped; people telling me “no”.

About Tallulah: I was actually a pet-store purchase when I was a wee eight weeks old. My new human said she wasn’t looking to become a cat mom, but I turned on my charm and purred my way into her heart. You have to admit – I’m pretty hard to resist with my funny ears. My mom says she named me after a character in a movie. That seems about right – I have very movie-star quality looks. My breed is Scottish Fold, and we’re generally known for being quiet and low-key. Hmmm…those aren’t the words my mom usually uses to describe me. We’ve lived in a number of places (Los Angeles, Boston, Washington). Most of them I’ve liked, except that one place where the other two cats lived. That wasn’t cool – I much prefer being an only child. I really like to be part of the action – please let me join you at dinner-time or even at a party – and I promise to be a charming and social guest. My attitude and need for attention may be a bit high-maintenance, but I don’t require any fancy cat toys or food or houses. I just really enjoy being a close companion. And although I do demand lots (and lots) of love, I also will gladly give it right back. I always let my mom know how much I love her and that I’ve missed her when she’s gone. She and I make a good team. Just don’t try to tell her any funny business about my being “just” a cat – I think we both can see I’m so much more than that!