Meet Lucy!

Name: Lucy

Breed: Orange domestic shorthair

Likes: Being brushed; napping in the sunlight; regular meals; drinking rainwater; watching the birds; making sure there is enough orange fur on furniture, clothing, etc.; purring loudly at 3 am; tummy rubs; having Pat from Sit-A-Pet take care of her.

My eyes are glassy from all the catnip they needed to give me so I’d pose for this!

Dislikes: Going to the vet; having her claws clipped; an empty bowl; intruders in the catnip patch; hot weather.

About Lucy: Lucy found us as a stray kitten a week after our youngest child went off to college. The vet described her has having a “big frame” and, yes, she grew into an ample-sized cat. (Pat says it’s the horizontal stripes that make her look big). In her younger days she was capable of running up every tree in the yard and retrieving tinfoil balls tossed across the kitchen floor. Now at 15 years of age, she is a dignified mature lady, more content to soak up some rays in the afternoon sun. Three years ago, Lucy developed diabetes and we all learned how to give insulin shots twice a day. She is very stoic and has done very well. She has even trimmed a few pounds. Lucy is the undisputed queen of the household, and her housemates, Tasha and Peka, give her the respect she is due.