Meet Ginger Bunny!

Name: Ginger Bunny

Breed: Dwarf Harlequin (blonde with white and dark grey markings)

Likes: Oats, cilantro, oats, carrots, oats, petting, oats, power napping, and oats.

Anything on the floor is fair game for bunnies!

Dislikes: When mom and dad are both moving around the room at the same time (usually means they are going away), not being fed fast enough, not enough petting, being held, and going to the vet for anything!

About Ginger Bunny: A 6-year-old, she was adopted when she was 2 (November 2, 2001) after being rescued from a shelter and living in 3 House Rabbit Society foster homes. She can be feisty – lunging and growling when angry or wants petting – forgives easily (especially if oats are involved), and is happy whenever she gets petting (can sit for over an hour).