Meet Buzz!

Name: Buzz

Breed: Ocicat

Likes: Sweets, especially cake and cookies; bringing his jingly toy into Karen’s bed at 3am; being scratched under the chin; curling up in the bathroom sink.

Santa, please bring me a bunk bed!

Dislikes: Taking a pill.

About Buzz: 17-month-old Buzz is a thoroughly sweet and gentle soul – a fact that his devilish half-sister, Gidget, takes advantage of at every opportunity. When Buzz is least expecting it, Gidget will fly across the room with a full-body tackle that sends him sprawling. He wrestles obligingly, and even though he’s almost twice her size he usually lets her win. Like most ocicats, Buzz is a real “people cat,” needing lots of affection and attention. He follows Karen around the house like a shadow and sleeps with his head on her pillow. He likes to “talk” and has an unusual vocabulary, ranging from soft snuffling noises to an extended meow that sounds exactly like “hell-OOOOOOOH” (really!). Buzz’s breeder said he wasn’t “perfect” enough to be a show cat – but it’s hard to imagine a more perfect companion.