Meet Chou-chou!

Name: Chou-chou (pronounced “shoe-shoe”)

Breed: Virginia Farm Tabby

Likes: Tearing across the room and bouncing off the walls and sofas while letting out little squeaks (she is too dainty to meow), eating chicken baby food and fig leaves, being a lap cat.

I wish you lots of fun with your pets during the holidays and a prosperous, chock-full-o’-pets New Year! Squeak!

Dislikes: Can’t think of any!

About Chou-chou: I adopted Chou-chou when she was a very precocious (won’t say how we knew this) teenager from a farm in Virginia, which my friend had bought after retiring from law practice to become a shepherdess. She was naming her sheep after French composers and in the course of this discovered that Debussy had had a daughter named Chou-chou. So when a tiny, vivacious little-girl-cat wandered into the barn one Valentine’s Day… the rest is history.