June 2020 Pet of the Month

Name: Duchess

Breed: American Shorthair

Likes: Chasing shadows (in lieu of birds); tummy rubs and ear scratches; cuddling on the bed at night with me and her sibling.

Humpf, George is such a show-off! And please pass on the manicure.

Dislikes: Having her nails cut!

About Duchess: Duchess and her twin brother George are exceptional because they are PURE white; no markings anywhere. The only difference between […]

May 2020 Pet of the Month

Name: Tulip

Breed: Bengal

Likes: Belly rubs, being brushed on her cheeks, her cat brother

Butler!  Bring me my food and rub my belly.  I said now!

Dislikes: Being picked up, having her nails cut, loud noises

About Tulip: Tulip is a four-year-old Bengal cat, born in New Hampshire.  She has very soft fur with a marble pattern that glows silver at the tips.  Like most cats, Tulip […]

April 2020 Pet of the Month

Name: Woody Hammelman

Breed: Barn Cat/American Shorthair/Tuxedo

Ann from Sit-A-Pet is our bestest friend and spends lots of time loving and playing with us.

Likes: Brushing; napping with Mom; chasing my brother all around the house; sitting on the very top of the kitchen cabinets and looking down on the world. Oh, yea, and biting Mom’s toes (hard!) if she wiggles them under the blanket.

Dislikes: Hate it […]

March 2020 Pet of the Month

Name: Arlo

Breed: Domestic long-hair

Let’s play!

Likes: Playing with plastic straps that my mom gets when she orders 5 reams of paper at once. Sitting on special paper my grandma gives me from packages she gets. Sitting in my special box that I have in every room. Playing monkey-in-the-middle with a ball that my mom and dad roll or throw in the living room.

Dislikes: The […]

February 2020 Pet of the Month

Name: Rosie

Breed: Domestic short hair (?)

Time spent with me is never wasted.

Likes: Sitting and lying in and on everything including the arm of the couch (my family call me a “hood ornament”); boxes, sinks, baskets, under the Christmas tree, beds and of course laps. I love to lay curled up in front of the fire when it’s cold out and stretched out […]

January 2020 Pet of the Month

Name: Miss Kitty

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Everything was perfect until those other cats came to stay and never left. But I’m spoiled so life is good.

Likes: Playing with stretchy hair bands — paws down The. Best. Toy. Ever. Being outside (when my people are home). It used to be fun to climb the willow tree but now I like to hang out under the […]

December 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Comma

Breed: Domestic medium-hair tabby? Unsure

Likes: Sprinting around outside. Using tree trunks as scratching posts. Sleeping for hours in piles of leaves

The world is full of wonders! Come, let me show you.

Dislikes: His food bowl getting low on cat chow, being left alone too long, having his ears cleaned

About Comma: His family adopted him five years ago from the Baltimore SPCA. They chose him because […]

November 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Satchmo, AKA Satch, Sassmo, and “The.Best.One”

Breed: Debonair Jaguar.  Or Polydactyl Tuxedo Cat.  Depends on who you ask–Satchmo or his humans.

MA!!!! The bowl!!! It’s emptyyyyy!!! It’s not gonna fill itself, ya know….

Likes: Drinking from a dripping bathtub faucet is a big favorite.  He likes being around his people–he’s like a dog, the way he hangs out with us.  He likes to have an audience when he […]

October 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Chester

Breed: Cheetah (aka grey mackerel tabby)

Likes: Bonito flakes!! “Dry brush” after breakfast; treats anytime; paw massages; my moms; tabby tussling with my sister Armstrong; exploring the hallway of my building.

Bonito flakes make ANYTHING taste good!

Dislikes: The cat carrier (which normally means the Vet!); the Dyson vacuum (very scary); being disrupted when I’m lounging or resting; when my mom goes out of town (but I […]

September 2019 Pet of the Month

Name: Mabel

Breed: Domestic Long Hair Fuzzball

Likes: Spooning with mom; lap naps; grooming myself likes it’s my job; wrestling loudly with Oskar (kitty roommate) to get mom’s attention so she’ll FEED US

Don’t worry. Be nap-py. <<yawn>>

Dislikes: Oskar (he’s a stinky, clumsy boy!); human paws where I’ve just groomed (ahem); being moved out of mom’s bed

About Mabel: Mom had just lost her dear old tomcat Handsome and […]

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