2024 Pets of the Month

February 2024 Pet of the Month

Name: Loki

Breed: Bearded Dragon

Likes: Blueberries, Dubia Roaches, Hornworms, Music, when people talk to him, looking out the window

Got any dubia or hornworms?

Dislikes: Medicine, the ceiling fan (he thinks it’s a bird), cold, being handled roughly

About Loki: Loki is a fun and curious little bearded dragon. His body fits in the palm of my hand, but his tail reaches all the way to […]

January 2024 Pet of the Month

Name: Blaze

Breed: Domestic Short Hair

Likes: Blaze loves play, and fetches thrown objects such as balls or fake mice and drops them at my feet to be thrown again. He also likes prodding paper and plastic in a way to make noise, and will bite the tight plastic on cases of cat food, making a snapping noise and leaving teeth marks. He also likes more […]

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