2017 Pets of the Month

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February 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Mister Whiskers!

Name: Mister Whiskers

Breed: Orange tabby

Likes: Ear, chin, and belly rubs, looking out the window, sleeping in the sunshine, waking up at 4am for snacks, silently judging everyone

What do you mean I already ate?

Dislikes: Being picked up, the loud vacuum cleaner, and really any type of disturbance

About Mister Whiskers: Mister is a chunky green-eyed fellow who meowed his way into my […]

January 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Pippin and Sasha!

Name: Pippin and Sasha

Breed: Manx Tabbies

Likes: Whiling away the hours together eating, napping and playing – in that order.

We’re two Good Hombres!

Dislikes: Too much time in between meals

About Pippin and Sasha: These Manx brothers are two Good Hombres! Pippin and Sasha, rescued from a kitty mill nine years ago, are as social and loving as they are adorable. Given […]