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February 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Thor!

Name: Hiya, my name is “chBrightwater’s Diplomat Choice” (the ch in front of Brightwater means I’m a champion!) But my humans nicknamed me “Thor” when I was very young because I am HUGE!

Breed: I am a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Likes: I like climbing in my humans’ lap, whether they are on a sofa or a chair. Of course, I don’t fit in chairs very […]

January 2013 Pet of the Month

Meet Liza!

Name: Liza (short for Eliza)

Breed: Orange tabby shorthair

Likes: Fence railings, kitty treats, shoe boxes, warm heated floors, watching the world, crawling around in places she isn’t supposed to go (attic, space between floor and ceiling, closets), a good stretch and yawn after a long nap, her spot on the couch, going outside on the terrace or patio to lay in the sunshine, hanging […]

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