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February 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Suzi Q!

Name: Suzi Q

Breed: Apricot toy poodle

Likes: I love people!!! Especially when they pay lots of attention to me!

I never met a squeaky rubber ball I didn’t like.

Dislikes: Being disturbed while I’m getting my beauty sleep.

About Suzi Q: I’m only about 10″ high, but people say that my presence fills up a room! I’m originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, but these […]

January 2011 Pet of the Month

Meet Zisskey!

Name: Zisskey

Breed: American Shorthair “tuxedo”

Likes: Only to drink fresh water from kitchen faucet, to run down the hall in our apartment building, to investigate every page printed by our computer, and to sleep cuddled next to us on the electric blanket.

How can you ask me to be a good boy every time you leave the apartment and shut the door in […]
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