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February 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Stanley!

Name: Stanley

Breed: Back alley gray tabby

Likes: Any human who shows the slightest interest in him. Special favorites: humans who are afraid of or hate cats Ð he will jump on those laps immediately.

Are you sure I’m not a dog?

Dislikes: Going to the vet. The mere sight of his cage propels Stanley into his disappearing act. Also dislikes getting yelled at for […]

January 2009 Pet of the Month

Meet Denise – An Incredible Journey from Feral Cat to Lap Cat!

Name: Denise 1988-12/13/08

About Denise: As the owner of Sit-A-Pet I would like to take this opportunity to honor my sweet kitty cat that passed away last month. This is not the usual format for Pet of the Month but Denise was such an intimate part of the Sit-A-Pet family, that I feel the […]

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