February 2007 Pet of the Month

Meet Teddy!

Name: Teddy

Breed: Mixed, probably part Chow/part Golden Retriever

Likes: Long walks with Bill; choosing one of his many toys to play with; tummy rubs; treats of bacon on Sunday morning; chasing squirrels, or at least trying to chase squirrels; playing in snow; watching football on the couch with Kathleen; Teddy loves Sit-a-Pet, who has been taking care of this family’s companions for 23 years.

January 2007 Pet of the Month

Meet Mooia!

Name: Mooia

Breed: Burmese

Likes: Whispering sweet nothings to her while being gently cuddled under her arms and belly; taking some exercise by hopping over to our neighbors terrace and tormenting their cat through the glass; sleeping between her guardians with head on pillow and legs outstretched taking up most of the bed; afternoon snoozes on a guardian’s chest nose to nose; the comfort of […]

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