2006 Pets of the Month

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February 2006 Pet of the Month

Meet Begbie!

Name: Begbie (aka BBB, Begsy, Bagels)–part of the feline brother duo of Andy & Begbie

Breed: Buff-on-Buff tabby

Likes: Being an “acrocat,” chasing balls, the blue feather, and the shoelace around the living room; cuddling mom; chicken!; attacking my kitty brother as mom makes the bed; watching the kitchen faucet drip; “decorating” new chairs with scratches; digging into mom’s hair at 3 am for an […]

January 2006 Pet of the Month

Meet Oliver!

Name: Oliver

Breed: Rough Collie

Likes: Evenings spent snuggling with my mom and kitty brother and sisters on the Lazyboy; my fuzzy-squeaky toys; cheese; Roxy, the Lab-Pit mix next door; the Wheaton Doggy Park; anything my mom is eating.

2006 will be my best year yet!

Dislikes: When my kitty sister Cleo sticks her head in the Kleenex box and walks around the house. I […]