2005 Pets of the Month

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February 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Mac!

Name: Mac

Breed: Abyssinian

Likes: Hiding in paper bags (or better yet, hiding in bag in a closet); sitting in front of the heating vent in Winter and in front of open windows in the Summer; and sleeping.

Isn’t that treat for me? I’m purring as loud as I can!

Dislikes: Sharing with my adopted younger brother Tooley who is an Ocicat. He is a […]

January 2005 Pet of the Month

Meet Rudy!

Name: Rudy

Breed: Ball Python

Likes: Showing off by unhinging my jaw and squeezing the s#&% out of things!

I never tempted anyone!

Dislikes: Winter, repitles with legs and being mistaken for a boa constrictor.

About Rudy: I was rescued from a loser who bought me from a pet store just to watch me eat. Yes, I admit it, I eat “live” mice. What’s the big […]