February 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Grant Jackson-Lee!

Name: Grant Jackson-Lee

Breed: “Exotic, elegant, sophisticated member of the feline race” In other words, “Domestic Long Hair.”

Likes: Traveling on his private jet, fierce corporate takeovers, fine dining, literary classics, the symphony, high endurance sports with his brother Elliott.

Excuse me, but I expect MORE presents for Valentines Day than I got for Xmas.

Dislikes: Little girls who chase him, the paparazzi.

About Grant […]

January 2004 Pet of the Month

Meet Captain Haddock!

Name: Captain Haddock. Former officer, French Merchant Marine. First name Archibald, but goes by Haddock or Captain Haddock.

Breed: Virginia Pound Special Terrier mix

Likes: Long walks and jogs (Captain Haddock has run several marathons), jazz and low brass, especially partial to e-flat, the doggie park, Daisy (the Shagum’s pound special), Bernie (the Boone’s beagle), Nora (the new pug Puppy next-door), tennis balls, BBC […]

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