2003 Pets of the Month

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February 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Lillibit & ChaCha!

Name: Lillibit and ChaCha

Breed: Chihuahua

Likes: EVERYONE! They also love toys (especially that toy with which the other one is playing), and cuddling and bed burrowing, and frolicking outside chasing squirrels and birds at the feeder.

We don’t read. We have people for that.

Dislikes: Those other dogs in the full length mirror, snow on the front porch, a closed bag of […]

January 2003 Pet of the Month

Meet Babe!

Name: Babe

Breed: Amazon Green

Likes: PBS TV- Arthur the Aardvark, Dragon Tales, Clifford the Big Red Dog. Babe climbs down from his cage, positions himself six inches from the screen, then screeches! He also enjoys impersonating crows and whistling at passersby.

Good thing I just had my shower and pedicure!

Dislikes: Interruption of his TV viewing

About Babe: He is over 20 years of age […]