Name: Jasper

Breed: “Rescue” (aka: domestic short-hair cat of indeterminate origin)

Likes: A warm lap to curl up in, sun “puddles” (both ideal for cool weather napping especially), crinkly toys and snacks

Could you please sit down, I’m ready for my afternoon nap in your lap.

Dislikes: Home renovations/displaced furniture, wet food not warmed to just the right temperature and road trips

About Jasper: Jasper was adopted at roughly age 10 on Black Friday from the Humane Rescue Alliance after two unsuccessful adoptions. He’s been with us ever since and is now a little over 20 years of age, almost fully blind but still the biggest bundle of love. His loud purr is probably his most notable feature especially when he starts to do so after barely a side glance from someone. He is a true testament to the rewarding experience that comes from adopting a senior pet. Jasper is happiest being near us, including his “little brother” Belmont who is about half his age and twice his energy. Despite his loss of vision and old age creaks, he still navigates the house with relative ease – happily greeting visitors and patiently enduring his little brother’s stealth attacks.