Meet Momo!

Name: Momo (He came with his name as Kokomo, but the human felt that he was more of a “momo” which is a Tibetan dumpling).

Breed: Domestic short-hair

Likes: Getting brushed, wet-food, lots of pets from the human and oh did I say brushings?

I am a wanna-be super meowdel

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaner, and cuddles from the human that go on for too long

About Momo: Momo is an 11-year old rescue originally from the Seattle/Pacific Northwest area but now has settled into his life in Washington DC. His previous owners were giving him away as he was not getting along with their new dog. DUH obviously! He is the (only) king of his domain and definitely has an only child-syndrome 🙂 But he is the sweetest, most affectionate cat there is. He is not a lap cat nor is he someone who loves cuddles but he will shadow your EVERY movement and he does love being brushed!  Momo is quite the purrrrrfect cat, super well behaved– never has chewed on anything, has left all the houseplants alone , AND traveled on a plane for 6 hours from the west coast to DC like a champ! Even though he is curious he has never gotten into any trouble. As a house cat he rarely ventures outside of the condo but surprisingly has done very well when taken on a leash around the apartment building.  Follow his adventures on social media on his Instagram account @momoindc