Meet Minnie!

Name: Minnie

Breed: Redbone Coonhound mix (rescue pup)

Likes: Lots and lots of walks! Minnie also likes a good chewbone and any squeaky toy that she can use to get attention. Minnie loves to visit her grandmother in PA who lives in a big house on 17 acres with plenty of room to run and chase deer! She also loves a warm, soft bed and has been known to sneak on to her sister’s comfy bed for a nice nap after her sister goes off to school.

Hey, who’s up for another walk? Anyone? Anyone?

Dislikes: Minnie does not like finding the family cats curled up in her doggy bed! She also does not like thunderstorms, the vacuum cleaner, or riding in the car (motion sickness).

About Minnie: Minnie is a 50 pound, long-legged, active, high-energy redbone coonhound who became part of her family as a young pup after spending her first few weeks of life with Lost Dog Rescue. She is a second generation Sit-A-Pet client, lucky enough to have Dean caring for her as he has done for her family for 18 years! Minnie has one human sister who feeds her every day and four kitty siblings who she generally ignores except when they curl up in her doggy bed or get too close to her chew bone!

Minnie is always looking for her next adventure, be it a long walk in the park or chasing the squirrels out of her backyard or trying to take a slurp of her mom’s coffee in the morning. Minnie never really walks anywhere because it is simply more fun to run! She wakes up every day with boundless energy, ready for all the fun the day has to offer! By far though, one of her favorite activities is trying to figure how to maneuver through the barriers that her mom places in front of the cat food…the most delicious of all treats! Minnie is proud that she is successful at getting to that cat food at least once or twice a week…yum!