Meet Justice!

Name: Justice

Breed: Himalayan

Likes: Shoulder rides, sunbathing, herding my humans to bed at night.

Pick me up! We haven’t cuddled in, like, ten minutes!

Dislikes: Variations from the routine!

About Justice: I got my unusual name because, after a cruel injustice was done to me, a number of Good Samaritans worked to save my life, and so, in the end, justice was done… It’s a terrible story to tell, but it has a wonderful ending. Early in 2013, in a high-rise condominium in Ballston, someone crammed me, a sweet-tempered Himalayan cat, into a reusable grocery bag and dropped me down the trash chute. I fell about twenty stories into the trash compactor. Enter Good Samaritan #1. As the trash was being compacted, a building staff member heard a suspicious noise, investigated, discovered me, and contacted the building manager, who instantly transformed into Good Samaritan #2. The building manager rushed me—I was seriously injured and in shock—to Nova Cat Clinic in Arlington and volunteered to pay whatever it cost to save my life. The many Good Samaritans at Nova stabilized me and transferred me to VCA SouthPaws—after giving me my new name, in honor of the dramatic turn my life had just taken. At SouthPaws, more Good Samaritans administered the intensive care I needed to begin my recovery. I was soon returned to Nova, where I lived and rehabilitated for several months before my humans adopted me. Not surprisingly, I took my time learning to trust these new humans, but now the trust and love are unconditional. When they come home, I rush down the stairs to greet them at the door. I stand on my back legs and paw them to indicate that it’s time for another shoulder ride. (They’re very dense about this. It’s always time for a shoulder ride…) And I’ve recently begun talking. I have a lot to say, on a variety of subjects, from food to fresh air to the daily routine. I’m very fond of routine. My favorite part of the day is late evening, when I get to herd my humans upstairs to bed—because, of course, it’s time for me to knead them, then curl up between them and cuddle them to sleep.