Meet Sasha!

Name: Sasha

Breed: Domestic short hair

Likes: Lip rubs. People tuna. Hearing her name. Getting up early. Being close – but not too close – to where ever the action is at home. Watching birds out the window. Defending the house against outside cats.

Did you hear that?

Dislikes: Thunder. Trucks. Ceiling fans. Being picked up. Humans, other than family members and Sit-A-Pet friends. Surprises. People who sleep late.

About Sasha: We spotted young Sasha and her two sisters wandering homeless through New Jersey backyards at Christmastime 2005. Sashas tail was broken and she was in considerable distress, so the family captured her and her sisters in a Have-A-Heart trap. A vet transformed Sashas injury into a fuzzy bunny tail that wiggles when shes happy. Her sisters now live together in Baltimore. Sasha lives with Chessie, 16, and Sparrow, 5, and us.

Sasha hasnt forgotten her roots. She pauses to look up before entering rooms with ceiling fans. We suspect her fear of the fans and of being picked up may originate with an attack by a bird of prey, which snapped her tail. She refuses to comment on this family legend.

We sometimes visit Sashas sisters in Baltimore , who remain even more fretful of their surroundings than Sasha. They have only each other as role models. Sasha, on the other hand, has Chessie and Sparrow, who though once abandoned themselves have given humans a second chance. Sasha really looks up to Chessie, ruler of the kingdom, who makes her bunny tail wiggle.