Meet Archie!

Name: Archie Jackson

Breed: Domestic Shorthair… aka, Alley Cat

Likes: Nose bumping Mom and Dad to get attention, those nice Sit-A-Pet people checking in on us, playing with fuzzy toys, chasing sister Hazel in the house and the garden, leaping on anything that moves and then curling up in a big furry ball with sister Hazel and having serious bath time together.

Life is good. Meow!

Dislikes: Being ignored, waiting too long for dinner.

About Archie: Archie Jackson came from humble beginnings and was adopted by the Jacksons from the Petco Saturday adoption program. He now lives a dual life as an urban sophistCAT in Cleveland Park, where he comes and goes in luxury in an orange 2003 VW Bug, which matches his hair. In his other life, he is a simple Country Kitty Guy who likes bluegrass music and communes with nature, chases baby bunnies (but never catches them), and faces turtles eye to eye as he explores his garden. He has a happy life with sister Hazel and they share their cat carrier as they go back and forth from town to country. His favorite food is a gourmet concoction of kitty pate (canned food) and dry food, prepared by his personal chef, Brooks. He has mastered tree climbing, will celebrate his second birthday in September and looks forward to learning to swim later this summer.