Meet Jack!

Name: Jack

Breed: Fabulous, of course!

Likes: People! I demand constant attention from my family. Well, attention really from everyone who comes to the house. I adore my pet sitter, Jan. She calls me her lover-boy and lets me sit in her lap and help her write the mushy notes she leaves for my family.

“Treatments”. My Dad has created several special ones for me…the chin tickle, the belly fluff and the long stroke. I have to remind him several times a day that I need another treatment.

Lessons. Okay, so I wasn’t exactly crazy about the piano and Arabic lessons, but I really like learning Spanish in anticipation of my family’s move to Santa Fe, NM. It’s so easy! The humans haven’t figured it out yet. Duh…everything in Spanish means exactly the same thing….Do you want another treatment? Si!!

Dancing. Oh, the ladies swoon when I wrap my big luscious paws around their neck, rub noses with them, twist and dip, hanging on when the music stops to purr sweet nothings into their ears.

Writing. My Mom requires a lot of help while she’s at the computer so I put my paws on the keyboard to edit her writing. She needs so much reassurance that her work is okay that I have to regularly take breaks to lick her hands and rub noses with her.

Did you call me?

Dislikes: Not getting attention.

About Jack: I was one of seven born on a farm. People called me the “runt in a litter” which I didn’t appreciate. Granted my right eye and front paws were bloody and infected, and I was a bit puny and too weak to push through my siblings to nurse. I knew I was special though because human hands cradled me in their palm and fed me from a dropper. After a few weeks of getting that attention, I returned to my cat mom and siblings and held my own. But nothing in that crowd interested me as much as being with humans. The infection left me blind in one eye. And my paws revealed a surprise when they healed — an extra toe on each. Not that I’ve ever let either slow me down. In fact, I think both features make me muy handsome!

I hung out with the dogs at the farm and learned the tricks of how to get human attention. Follow them everywhere; run to them when you hear your name mentioned; lick and kiss them a lot; fetch; run to the door when the bell rings; and most important, don’t bother with meowing — bark! My Mom and Dad try to outsmart me by using a new nickname, “Gato Grande”, when they think I’m not listening, but they don’t fool me, I know Spanish! They’re talking about me and want to give me some more attention.

Oh…the door bell is ringing. Gotta go!