Meet Bunny!

Name: Bunny

Breed: Pin-tailed Whydah

Likes: Chatting with/being serenaded by the neighborhood sparrows outside her window; classical music on satellite radio; preening for an appreciative audience; and millet, millet, millet.

I LUUU-V millet!

Dislikes: Cage cleaning; temperatures below 70 degrees (she hails from Africa south of the Sahara); and that awful vacuum cleaner.

About Bunny: Several years ago while running an ordinary pet store errand, we stopped to admire the finches. Among them was an extraordinary brown bird with gorgeous markings. We were told that this was a “special needs” bird (she can’t see very well), who was for adoption, not for sale. That’s how Bunny began a new life in her “private apartment”, our sunroom, to the puzzlement of our five cats- who still gaze at her occasionally through the glass door.

Bunny knows exactly where everything is in her cage and moves about easily. She enjoys a good long chirp with fans (she especially likes being told she is a “bee-oo-tee-ful birdie”, and will show off her wings and fluff her feathers accordingly). She listens to classical music while we’re at work, and likes a little gospel or bluegrass on Sundays. She tolerates molting season with good grace and keeps looking her best with an occasional dunk in the water dish.

With her cage strategically positioned by the window, Bunny keeps tabs on the comings and goings of area birds who talk to her from their base in the cherry tree. She answers when the news is particularly interesting. Bunny and her family thank Sit-A-Pet for taking good care of this feathered African princess.