Meet Simon!

Name: Simon

Breed: Netherland Dwarf; Sable (Color)

Likes: Running around the apartment; sleeping under the dining room table; chewing paper, books (he has his own now), the couch, art work, everything else within reach; being petted, cuddling and nuzzling under my chin; nesting in his hay; and his Sit-A-Pet sitter, Evelyn. And Simon will do anything for an organic banana chip!

You don’t need a paper shredder if you’ve got me around!

Dislikes: Having his cage and litter box cleaned out; being brushed; going to the vet (although once there, he really likes his doctor); having his nails clipped; dogs and worse, barking; his pet carrier; riding in cars; and the apartment fire alarm.

About Simon: Simon is a 3 1/2 year old loving and healthy bundle of joy. He has an edge to his personality and is unique in voicing what and who he likes, mostly through purring and grunting. He is not shy about showing his feelings. He is a rabbit – demanding at times but always worth the work involved to make him happy.