Meet Eartha Kitty!

Name: Eartha Kitty

Breed: Tortoise Shell

Likes: Food, especially nightly treats; watching birds, squirrels and our tiny garden mouse through the sliding door; being up high, especially on the kitchen island; sleeping on the dryer when it’s running; sleeping at the foot of the bed; having my belly, back and neck rubbed; darting in front of my two dads; chasing Smithers, my rambunctious (icky!) housemate; lounging in open windows.

I want to be evil. I want to be bad.

Dislikes: Sharing the kitchen island with Smithers, especially if he looks at me funny; being brushed; having someone blow on my back; being chased off the dining room table when it’s set for guests (like I don’t deserve fine china and linens???); getting my “manicure.

About Eartha Kitty: I joined this family four years ago after living in a Partnership for Animal Welfare (PAW) foster home with 12 other cats for two years. PAW rescued me from an abandoned car when I was two weeks old. My two dads adopted me after their 17-year-old dowager, Di Kitty, passed away. Since I lived with other cats, they thought I’d get along with 3-year-old Smithers just fine. Ha! He played too rough for my tastes, but after a while I learned how to play just as rough – especially after I put on a few pounds – and now I chase him just to keep him on his toes. Sometimes I get to go out on the patio with my two dads, which I really like. But most of the time, I’m happy to watch the outside world from inside.