Meet Simba!

Name: Simba

Breed: Iguana

Likes: Fresh greens from the Arlington Farmer’s Market and edible flowers. He loves a good spine and neck massage.

Proper skin care is essential in the summer!

Dislikes: Pet stores that sell iguanas and when people call him Kimba. He also HATES when the temperature drops below 70 degrees.

About Simba: Simba is a rescue iguana, first purchased from a pet store when he was just a foot long. The pet store told the buyer he was “fully grown”. As Simba grew and the owner learned that iguanas have very, very special needs he was soon given away to his current human who understands iguanas. Simba is now 5 feet long and lives in a climate controlled enclosure. While he would just LOVE to live in his native tropical climate, that will not be possible since he has only known the domestic way of life.