Name: Peaches (a.k.a. “The Floof”)

Breed: Cream-colored domestic medium-hair

Likes: Morning snuggles, all the toys (mice, wand, sponge ball, bottle cap, loosely tied shoelaces in a pinch), bird and people watching, napping in the curtains or mom’s lap, “meerkating,” treats (more of a love affair, really), giving kisses, and of course her favorite sitter, Claire (i.e., “Miss Churu,” the highest feline honor!)

I totally meant to do that, y’all

Dislikes: Skimping on playtime duration or treat quantities, strangers who don’t bring treats, closed doors, the vet, and claw trims

About Peaches: Peaches was adopted from the Chesapeake Humane Society by loving parents who unfortunately had a cat that hadn’t been consulted about – and ultimately vetoed – having a younger sibling. So she became the best Christmas present ever when she packed up and made the trip to Arlington with her new mom in Dec. 2021. She is an incredibly playful kitty, but takes her responsibilities, such as neighborhood watch and churu quality control, very seriously. She brings constant joy, laughter, relaxation, clumsiness, and floof to any room she is in, which is always the one where her people are. Peaches is proud to be in a long line of loyal Sit-a-Pet clients – Claire, Melinda, and Bilal also took wonderful care of her beloved predecessors, Mea and Fitzy, for years.