Name: Elpheba

Breed: Calico

Likes: Head scratches, cuddling.

Don’t go to work; instead stay home and scratch my head all day!

Dislikes: Water (similar to her namesake)

About Elpheba: Elpheba got her name from the lead character of the book and musical Wicked. She loves to cuddle with her sister Starbuck (whose name came from the character in Battlestar Galactica not, as most people think, from the coffee shop!). The two girls both adore sitting out on the balcony in the summer (but only when Dad is home to keep an eye on them). Elpheba and Starbuck have been taken care of by Sit-A-Pet during many of their Dad’s travels over the past 10 years. Before that, they cared for their older brother and sister Palpatine and Delenn who have crossed the rainbow bridge, making 24 years with Sit-A-Pet. Elpheba, like her sister, came to live with their Dad as adoptees.