Name: Woody Hammelman

Breed: Barn Cat/American Shorthair/Tuxedo

Ann from Sit-A-Pet is our bestest friend and spends lots of time loving and playing with us.

Likes: Brushing; napping with Mom; chasing my brother all around the house; sitting on the very top of the kitchen cabinets and looking down on the world. Oh, yea, and biting Mom’s toes (hard!) if she wiggles them under the blanket.

Dislikes: Hate it when Mom cuts my nails or puts that heartworm stuff on me! I’m in very good shape and strong so I usually wiggle my way out of that.

About Woody: Woody and his brother Buddy (littermates) came to us in September 2018 when they were just about 2-1/2 months old. Their mother Molly lives in a barn in Southern Virginia and got to be friends with another farm resident, “Uncle Bob,” resulting in Woody and Buddy. Both boys look just like their parents (even though the woman who owns the farm swears Uncle Bob had been fixed – don’t think so!). Both kittens took over our house immediately, running and chasing and playing hide and seek. They LOVE to play with their birds on a stick and other toys that they bat and chase around the house. While cats are supposed to walk quietly, these boys sound like a herd of ponies when they chase each other around and around the house and up and down the stairs. Very, very happy boys and so very active … and inseparable.