Name: Abigail

Breed: Domestic Short Hair/Gray Tabby

Likes: Fluff toys, sun, giving detailed instructions, salmon

And another thing!

Dislikes: The sound of the garbage disposal, being ambushed by her brother Bat, humans not following detailed instructions

About Abigail: Abigail and her brother Bat were adopted in 2007 from a neighborhood litter of kittens. Her foster mother labeled her “funny” at the time, which we quickly came to understand. Equal parts sweet and willful, she loves to snuggle but can be quite obstinate when she really wants something.

At around age four she developed freckles in her left eye – those turned out to be melanoma and in 2014 that eye was removed. She handled it like a champ and adjusted quickly, with little change in her routine.

She has her favorite catnip mouse toys, and enjoys long sits by the window watching birds, squirrels and chipmunks on the patio. Abigail is very verbal, always speaking her mind to family and her friends from Sit-a-Pet (hi Mika!). She is particularly verbal around mealtime: She sings for her supper!