Meet Zumba!

Name: Zumba

Breed: Mixed tabby long hair

Likes: Basking in the sun, tissue paper, boxes, circular staircase that serves as a giant cat tree, hiding in piles of pillows, and watching TV on my mom’s lap.

First I’m a model and now I’m Pet of the Month. I’m truly irresistible!

Dislikes: Getting my nails clipped, vacuums, dogs that scare me

About Zumba: About 4 years ago, 2 little boys found me in their neighborhood. They gave me to some caring souls who thought their neighbor across the street might be able to keep me, at least temporarily.

Well this neighbor couldn’t resist my sweet face and fluffy squirrel like tail.  But she already had an older cat, Willow, who might not warm up to me as quickly. It didn’t take long before she decided I was too irresistible to give me away. I had found my forever home! She loved Zumba, and she loved me zooming around her house, so I was given the name Zumba.

I was happy to settle into my new home. My sister, not so much.  She used to chase me into corners and was jealous of how I could jump up on the bed while she was too tubby to do that. My sister has since crossed the rainbow bridge and I like getting all the attention and food.

Speaking of cuteness and attention, I recently modeled for a painting my mom did at Muse, in the Mosaic district.

My mom likes to travel a bit and she always trusts Sugar, my pet sitter from Sit-A-Pet. She is very sweet and gives me lots of belly rubs and head scratches.  She has taken care of all my mom’s cats for over 25 years. Cat sitting must keep you young!!