Meet Stumpy!

Name: Stumpy

Breed: Leopard Gecko (Lavender or Mac snow morph)

Likes: He likes hiding inside his hollow rock. All day. During feeding time, he loves waiting at the opening of his hollow rock, which faces down. There he waits for an unlucky cricket to pass under it and, WUMP, the cricket is gone! He also likes occasionally sitting on his owner’s hand during tank cleaning. And then there’s staring at people’s noses, which he must think is a bug!

Now you see me, now you don’t…

Dislikes: He doesn’t like whenever the squeaky door to his room creeks and will quickly disappear. He doesn’t like people that leave his door open, which happened one day by accident and our cats got in to go cricket hunting and knocked the top of his cage off. He doesn’t like noisy people. He doesn’t like it when people lift up his rock for cleaning, because then he has nowhere to hide except behind the cactus. And he doesn’t like the “invisible fortress” called glass that keeps him from escaping.

About Stumpy: he first day we got him, he leaped out of his pet store box and ran behind the sofa but eventually we found him and put him in his new terrarium. He is still young, so he is still very colorful. He has a lavender color in black spots, sort of like a jaguar’s. The rest of him is a milky yellow. Whenever he sees a cricket, the tip of his tail quivers like a rattle snake, then he lunges. He usually hides, so he has a trap for any unlucky crickets passing under the opening of his rock. Stumpy is a shy guy, and because he is nocturnal he is active at night. So that’s why we don’t see him all the time during the day!

Stumpy is an exotic pet, but we knew that when we went on vacation that he’d be in good hands with Sit-A-Pet’s expert care givers! Over the years, they’ve taken good care of all of our cats, fish, and now our leopard gecko! We’ve been very satisfied Sit-A-Pet customers for twenty years now!