Meet Ace!

Name: Ace

Breed: Burmese

Likes: Ace likes to play with his friend the Exeter Lion. Sometimes he will grab it by its neck and shake it but the Lion does not seem to mind. Ace also likes to bite the tips of peoples’ fingers.

No you can’t play with him; Exeter Lion is my favorite toy!

Dislikes: Ace does not like to travel. Staying at home all of the time is fine with him.

About Ace: His name derives from the fact that he is truly number one. Ace lives with a human and two other Burmese. He lives indoors but sometimes escapes outside for a short time. His hobby is bird watching which he does by observing the bird feeder from the kitchen window. He likes people, particularly people whom he recognizes from before, especially Sam, Susannah, Trisha and Priscilla.