Meet Norman!

Name: Norman

Breed: Tuxedo

Likes: Leaning on Mom, laying on Mom, anything ON Mom especially while watching TV; displaying my tummy across the carpet in front of the door when Mom comes home so she cannot pass without a mandatory belly rub first; pathetically reaching up like a 2-year-old to be held over the left shoulder (because for some reason the right shoulder is very confusing); catching the rare live mouse and giving it to Mom; drinking out of the sink or a glass but never a bowl; pushing Mom over to the other side of the bed so I can have her pillow; face-rubbing snugggles; deli roast beef, chicken gyros and Grandad’s smoked trout.

I’m always dressed up in my tuxedo and bow tie, and ready to party!

Dislikes: Closed doors; mani/pedis; speakerphone; long car rides unless I am sitting on Mom’s lap while she drives (the toll booth operators and take-out window people just love me); when mom is busy and can’t sit on the couch with me (so I just start tripping her until she sits down).

About Norman: Norman was originally born as Stormy in NYC, but his first mommy asked her sister to babysit him while she traveled for work for six months. Upon arriving in DC, Stormy’s name just wasn’t going to fit and he was nicknamed Stormin’ Norman. His mom missed him very much, but her job on the road extended from six months to two years. By the time she got back, Norman had bonded so much with his new mom that they were inseparable. Literally inseparable, he followed her around a studio apartment. He is always dressed up in a tuxedo and ready to party. One of his favorite things is posing for the annual Christmas card, except for the year that was themed “Ugly Christmas Sweaters.” That was embarrassing. Norman turned 13 in March although you’d never guess it. He became diabetic last year but takes his medicine like a champ and is doing much better. He even tolerates quite a bit of ear-pricking by Mom, except when she misses and pricks herself, and she misses a lot. Norman prefers to have company over independence, and particularly enjoys having Dea come over to play when Mom is out of town.