Meet Milo!

Name: Hello, I’m Milo. I live in my own castle in Arlington, and have two human pets (although they think they are my “dads”). I moved here about seven years ago from Pennsylvania and really enjoy this place. My castle is surrounded by a forest full of interesting creatures, but for some reason they seem to get nervous when I try to get close to them to play, specially the funny looking ones – I think they call them squirrels.

Breed: Siamese

Likes: I love humans. They are the best creatures in my kingdom. I get them to rub my belly all the time – which is my second favorite thing in the world. They also make for nice mattresses. My pet sitter calls me “Velcro Cat” because I require 100 percent of her attention. When new humans come into my castle, they have to pay a toll right at the door, which is a minimum of five minute belly rubbing. Food is also right up there among things I like. Dinner time should be family time so my two humans and I usually sit together – I have my own chair at the table, mind you – and enjoy good food together while watching some funny sitcom. Humans seem to laugh at the silliest things, by the way. Ah, of course, I love to take naps√Čand everybody should know that it is not a good idea to try to wake me up when I’m in the middle of a nice nap!

I don’t mean to be demanding, but……..

Dislikes: Sorry, but cats are not in my list of favorite things. And I have a couple of them that sometimes like to intrude into my world. Although I have told them clearly who the boss around here is, they keep coming back. But actually, I am not sure what I dislike more, cats or vets – but don’t tell my vet. Although vet’s offices with cats get the award! I’ve been known for making loud and clear my dislike of vets, with my screams heard across the building and beyond. And while we are talking about dislikes, don’t you find doors a really strange invention? If I am in a room and I can’t get out, you can bet you will hear my complaints. I’m also very set in my ways, and don’t like it when my dinner isn’t ready on time.

About Milo: I needed a new home after the sweet woman – my mom – passed away. I was really lucky to find this new place in Arlington with two humans in it. They are nice and very obedient. I also used to have a dog friend. Maybe it’s time to get a new one, so that I can play all the time.