Meet Ti!

Name: Ti (previous name, “Saki”), nickname “Big Fatty”, age 19

Breed: Half Siamese, half domestic shorthair (his father was a stray Siamese cat and his mother was our neighbor’s beautiful orange tabby cat, Honey)

Likes: Ti, a Sit-a-Pet client since about 2000, likes to be scratched around his ears, to be picked up and carried around, to sit on laps, to be brushed, to sleep in his various beds all around the house. He goes into a trance-like state and drools when he’s petted. He likes to eat, and in addition to cat food, he likes popcorn and chicken. When he was younger, he liked to explore the neighborhood, catch mice (ok) and birds (not ok), and protect his territory against interlopers. Ti is very vocal. He talks constantly as he walks, when he’s hungry, and when he would like to go out or get attention.

I made the Incredible Journey!

Dislikes: Ti does not like to ride in the car, go to the vet, or take pills. He is deathly afraid of vacuum cleaners.

About Ti: Ti (then named Saki) was born next door in 1992. When he was five, he and his family moved to Bethesda, but he ran away shortly after the move. After several months of effort looking for him, everyone gave up hope. Then, in March of 2000 (three years later), an orange tabby walked up the driveway next door. He tried repeatedly to prevail on the new people living there to invite him in. No luck; they had another cat. Then he came to our house, and Joe and Noa, then 8 and 4, fell in love. We fed him. He kept coming back. So we took a picture and posted “Lost Cat” signs all over the neighborhood. He looked an awful lot like Saki, but it seemed impossible. We called Harriet, Saki’s owner, and she came to take a look. By then we had named him Ti. When Harriet arrived, she was positive Ti was indeed Saki. He had made an incredible 7 mile journey over a period of 3 years to get to his home! Harriet was unable to take him because by then, she had moved again to a cat-free condo. We were thrilled. So, that’s how Ti became a member of our family. He once was a huge 20-pound cat who could jump our back fence without a running start. Now he is old and frail, but he still engages in his daily routines. Every day, even as rickety as he has become, he takes a walk to the side door of his original home, sometimes naps on their steps and occasionally leaves a mouse or two for the people who live there. Very loyal and ever hopeful. He’s the best cat we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.