Meet Georgia!

Name: Georgia (aka George, Queen of Glenside Drive)

Breed: American Long-Haired (we think)

Likes: Named after Curious George because of her remarkably fearless, methodological exploration of anything she encounters, Georgia has had a rich experience in her 20-year life. An early example — as a kitten, she once wanted to cross over the mantel, where a Chanukah Menorah was burning with about 5 candles. Georgia sniffed at the candles, and then proceeded to extinguish them one by one, until she could pass by. Then she had fun picking out all the wax from her paws! She is very social, and loves to hang out wherever the people are. If you are on the computer, she types along. If you are reading the paper, she sits on it. If you have dinner, she sits in an empty chair. She also used to play the piano, but gave it up for other pursuits.

Georgia has especially been helpful in getting her owners to replace ugly furniture, and has over time, scratched bare every item that really needed to be replaced anyway. She loves to sit in the sun on the porch in summer, watching “kitty TV” through the safety of the screens. And of course, to roam around the garden on her carefully supervised outside visits under the watchful (read anxious) eyes of her doting parents. At this point her pastimes have simplified. Nirvana is sleeping in her little bed in front of the heater. But she still always comes where the people are.

I’m the Queen of Glenside Drive and don’t you forget it. Not for a second.

Dislikes: Going to the vet (much drama); not getting enough Fancy Feast (why can’t I have McDonalds every day? I don’t care how healthy that kidney food is); anyone getting too close to her bowl (if you take one step closer I’m going to hiss and growl, maybe swat you so that you wonder how a five-pound cat transforms into an attack dog in 0-60 seconds.)

About Georgia: Georgia was found, at about six weeks old, in the rain, covered with fleas, roaming the streets of Brooklyn. Friends brought her over to Amy’s apartment. She stomped around, checking out every corner, and the rest is history. She is well travelled, having lived in NY, San Francisco and now Washington. Georgia is a very special kitty soul, and affects everyone who meets her. In spite of one of this couple’s “no pets, plants or children” rule, Georgia has found a secure place in both our hearts. And, apparently too, with our wonderful friends at Sit-A-Pet, especially Marlene, who truly are her second family, and to whom we will always be grateful for their great care, and constant caring.