Meet Billie!

Name: Billie

Breed: Boxer

Likes: Meeting new people, long walks, good stuff to smell, barking at other dogs, cuddling, “Pup-A-Ronies”

I twirl with delight when I see my pet sitter!

Dislikes: None.

About Billie: “Full of personality” – that is how a friend described a new-born boxer pup she had just seen. This proved to be an understatement. Billie jumped into my lap upon our first meeting, rolled onto her back and demanded that I rub her tummy. I continue to be amazed how communicative she can be. When she wants anything, she gives me a special “glare” or literally paws at my leg. I then recite a menu of “do you want ____ ?” She stands frozen until she hears the option she wants and then instantly spins in circles to indicate her approval. Billie is a great companion and makes me laugh every day. I am blessed to have her in my life.