Meet Mimi!

Name: Mimi; Mimisita la gatita bonita

Breed: Grey Tabby Domestic Shorthair

Likes: Long naps; heat (sunshine and fireplace hearth or places near heat vents); belly rubs; rolling around on clean sheets and blankets while beds are being made; chasing a laser pointer or any long piece of string; sitting by a screened window, smelling the air and chirping at birds and squirrels; a lap to curl up on; being in control of the action.

Flattery won’t get you very far, but I’m yours for a belly rub.

Dislikes: Medicine; being picked up (which Mimi equates with possible receipt of medicine or trip to the vet).

About Mimi: We adopted Mimi from the Arlington Animal Welfare League’s shelter just over two years ago. She’s probably more than five years old, but she’ll never tell. Her previous owner had her front claws removed, so she stays indoors and seems to like it that way. Mimi has an incredibly sweet disposition but is cautious around strangers and a bit jealous if guests are given more attention than she receives. Her best friend outside of her adoptive family is Kathy from Sit-A-Pet, to whom Mimi showed strong affection and presented her belly for a rub at their first encounter. It’s been a wonderful relationship ever since!