Meet Phantom!

Name: Phantom

Breed: Tuxedo

Likes: Chasing his feather toy! Scaling walls (he is quite the jumping bean). Cuddling his toy duck (which had to be replaced with a lady bug. Shhhh. He can’t tell the difference). Digging the soil out of plants. Watching TV (he goes crazy for cartoons and iPod commercials). Staring out the window at cars and birds. Cuddling before bedtime. Having his tummy scratched.

Love me. Feed me. Play with me.

Dislikes: When his roommates go to work. Going to the vet. Getting his nails clipped. People sitting in his special chair.

About Phantom: Phantom was rescued when he was about two months old. He was adopted over Labor Day weekend 2005. Debbie (Sit-a-Pet’s founder and owner), being the devoted pet lover she is, was determined to find him (and three others) a home. I went to Debbie’s house to pick up a chair and I left with a kitten. I took one look at the little guy and knew he was the newest addition to our household. The markings on his face reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera mask, thus he was obviously named Phantom. Like most animals that had been abandoned, it took him some time to come out of his shell and feel comfortable in his environment. When I brought him home, he hid in the bathroom and slept under my bed for about a week. Over time, he became acclimated to his surroundings and the people that adore him. The apartment is now his castle. Phantom has brought such joy to my life. He is a very sweet, energetic, and adorable kitty. He can jump nearly 4 feet and is always ready to play. He is loyal and is never more than a few feet away.