Meet Maximus!

Name: Maximus (AKA Max or Moose)

Breed: Golden Retriever

Likes: Sleeping on the air conditioner vents; riding in the car; mud puddles; walks; chasing balls and squirrels; swimming; belly rubs; humans of any size; food items of any kind; sleeping on his back on the couch with four paws in the air; having his ears rubbed; chewing sticks; writing his new novel.

What’s our next adventure?

Dislikes: Having a bath after enjoying a mud puddle.

About Maximus: Max was born in late October 1993 and has been at my side since I brought him home as a six week old bundle of golden fur. His first great adventure was a plane ride at six and a half weeks of age for a Christmas visit to New Jersey. Max fit nicely into the crate I used for transport in the plane cabin, but three days later I discovered he had outgrown the crate for the return trip home! Max never stopped growing, and has the biggest head and front paws of any golden we know! Also, the biggest heart!

Max somehow determines that exact moment when I am truly awake each morning and inserts his head under my hand to greet each day. This is actually an improvement over the arrival of his entire body in my bed for the wake up greeting he used to perform in his youth! There are advantages to getting older!

Max had a short career in the show ring, but made it clear he really prefers relaxing at home with his family. They don’t have couches on the show circuit!

Max enjoys any and all visits from his Sit-A-Pet friend Dean, who has taken care of Max and the rest of our feathered and furry friends for more than a decade. Our family has happily used Sit-A-Pet care for almost twenty years and can’t imagine another service that provides the peace of mind that comes along with their care.