Meet BowWowzer!

Name: BowWowzer, a.k.a. Bowzer

Breed: Mom was a Doberman/ Father was a Rover

Likes: Running in the woods and down to the river, going for rides, being the watch dog while hanging out on the porch, baking himself while lying next to the wood stove, and letting all the other dogs know that he’s the boss right away (because in his own house he comes in last in the pecking order with another dog and 2 cats).

I take Homeland Security very seriously!

Dislikes: Always a little leery of strangers, but he thinks that’s his job.

About Bowzer: He was born on November 9, 2000 at the SPCA in Charlottesville, VA. His “Mom” and “Dad” adopted him in January of 2001 and took him home to live with a two year old dog named Molly, and 2 five year old cats, Elmer & Gypsy. His puppyhood was short lived when his Dad took him off to dog training school for 3 weeks at the tender age of 5 months. Fortunately, both came back well trained! His furry housemates have mixed feelings about him. Elmer thinks he’s pretty cool, Molly loves to play with him but only on her terms, and Gypsy just ignores him.