Meet Jacen!

Name: Jacen, Solo Twin of the Jedi (named after the male half of the Jedi twins in the Star Wars novels; son of Han Solo and Princess Leia)

Breed: Maine Coon

Likes: Attention and lots of it. An active and friendly sort, Jacen likes everything from sitting on a lap to rigorously chasing his toys around. When he plays by himself, he will flip his soft toys into the air, jump to get them and then land with a thud on the hardwood floor — 17 pounds of thud!

Pay attention to ME!

Dislikes: Those strange people who sometimes come into the house. As big as he is and as tough as he tries to be, Jacen is basically a coward — peeking out from behind the couch when new people enter the house. But give him a few minutes and he’ll be out asking for head scratches and back rubs.

About Jacen: Jacen is a bit of a scamp. He lives with two older female cats, Jaina and Kira, whom he loves to bully. Kira, the smaller of the two, gives back to him as good as she gets even though she looks the size of a kitten next to him. When she play-attacks him, she goes for his legs since it’s about all she can reach! Jaina, on the other hand, lets him get the best of her and will retreat to the bedroom when he starts after her. He has never hurt either one of them; he just likes to assert his maleness once in awhile. Jacen is a true Maine Coon in looks and personality — big, handsome, and friendly. He likes to flirt with women but is truly loyal to only one woman.