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June 2017 Pet of the Month

Meet Binky!

Name: Binky (We know--not a sophisticated name for such a gorgeous cat. We originally named him Lincoln, given his beautiful copper colored coat, but that soon morphed into Linky, which morphed into Binky, and somehow that stuck!)

Breed: Abyssinian (cinnamon)

Likes: Having his belly rubbed; sleeping in his heated bed or under the covers with us; FOOD; sitting like a sphinx; eating plastic then throwing up.

Is this a sweet face or what?

Dislikes: Being picked up and going to the vet

About Binky: Binky is extremely laid back and affectionate and loves company. He never wants to be picked up, but he will gladly jump in your lap for pets, and particularly loves lying on his back for belly rubs. He is a large and friendly cat, with a very sweet, expressive face; unlike most cats, however, he can sometimes be a bit clumsy as he catwalks around things. He mostly ignores his ruddy Abyssinian adopted “brother,” Panzer, but occasionally will muster the energy to chase him around the house, particularly if taunted. Unlike Binky, Panzer is a terror and the polar opposite in personality. He is very high-strung and extremely agile, and ALWAYS wants to help with whatever you are doing. He is also very territorial and woe to any stranger who might approach him. He will boldly walk up to anyone new, but if they reach out to pet him, he will make what we call a “siren” noise and then swat them with claws fully extended. Despite being 9 years old, Panzer races around the house and leaps onto any high place he can find, including the very top of his cat tree from which he then springs onto the cornices over the windows, and from there he jumps down and catwalks across the fireplace mantel, deliberately pushing off anything in his path. He LOVES to play, and his favorite toy is a balled up pipe cleaner, which he will carry upstairs in his mouth and jump into the bath tub with it. He can amuse himself this way for quite some time, batting the pipe cleaner all around the tub, and leaping into the air to catch it if it escapes his grasp.

Binky absolutely adores Maru, his Sit-A-Pet cat sitter. She calls him her boyfriend, and he lovingly gives her head-butts and body rubs and otherwise shows his appreciation for her feeding and petting him. Panzer gives Maru his highest compliment—he ignores her! We travel often and have used Sit-A-Pet for several years. We could not be happier with the service, and very much appreciate the love and affection that Maru shows towards our cats. We also want to give a shout-out to Claire Burns, the Manager for Maryland and Virginia, whose competence and dedication are unrivaled!


Once again Sit-A-Pet is honored to be voted one of the best pet services in the 2017 City Paper Readers poll. Thank you for your support!

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