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Pet of the Month Archive 2013

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December: Slate

Likes: Certain warm laps, crickets, boxes, bird watching, and things to chase.

Dislikes: Loud noises, sudden movements (unless they're hers), and being told what to do, especially if it involves a carrier.

About Slate: Slate selected us over 4 years ago when we visited Last Chance Animal Rescue, months after...

Life is good when the humans behave.

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November: Smoky

Likes: Boxes, squirrel-watching on the porch, talking, getting pats and snuggles.

Dislikes: Being separated from "her people," having to come in from the porch.

About Smoky: We weren't planning to get another cat so soon after our previous cat passed away, but we were at a party and my friend Penny said...

I haven't found a box I don't like!

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October: Oliver

Likes: Baby carrots, ice cubes, tummy rubs, and cuddles.

Dislikes: Getting his paws wet.

About Oliver: After searching for months to find a dog that was a good fit for our family, we went to the shelter again to only find small horse sized dogs. Way too large for our DC townhouse...

Pet me, pet me, pet me....yay,

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September: Zoe

Likes: Getting her way; cuddling up to people she likes (on her terms, of course); monitoring everyone's movements inside her home; tunnels; and chicken (especially KFC).

Dislikes: People who do not respect her personal space and boundaries; grandparents; and not having the run of the house.

I'm a cat. I can be as contrary as I choose.

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August: Sasha

Likes: Lip rubs. People tuna. Hearing her name. Getting up early. Being close - but not too close - to where ever the action is at home. Watching birds out the window. Defending the house against outside cats.

Dislikes: Thunder. Trucks. Ceiling fans. Being picked up. Humans, other than family members and Sit-A-Pet friends. Surprises. People who sleep late.

Did you hear that?

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July: Stella

Likes: Food. And did I say food? She likes to tease her big sister and knock small objects off countertops. She likes to lie on her back and let me pet her under her arms.

Dislikes: Having her claws clipped. Dislikes jumping onto high landing places.

I may be built like a fireplug, but I move fast as a cannonball.

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June: Troubled

Likes: Sucking his fluffy blanket and kneading it; hiding under the dining room table while someone walks in circles dragging a string around the table for him to pounce on; drinking water from a teacup; Frisky treats (Original flavor); running out into the hallway of the apartment building.

Dislikes: Car rides, leaving the apartment building, the vet's office, feet, getting wet, and people touching his belly.

I went from rags to riches, and I ain't never going back to the streets.

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May: Moo

Likes: Fresh roast turkey, sitting in an open window and smacking wine corks (they are the best toy EVER!).

Dislikes: Vacuum cleaners and manicures.

About Moo: Moo was a 4 month old baby when she ran up to the man who would become her dad as he was leaving for work at 5:00 am on a cold December morning two weeks before Christmas...

Don't hate me because I'm beautiful.

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April: Norman

Likes: Leaning on Mom, laying on Mom, anything ON Mom especially while watching TV; displaying my tummy across the carpet in front of the door when Mom comes home so she cannot pass without a mandatory belly rub first; pathetically reaching up like a 2-year-old to be held over the left shoulder (because for some reason the right shoulder is very confusing); catching the rare live mouse and giving it to Mom.

I'm always dressed up in my tuxedo and bow tie, and ready to party!

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March: Zuzu

Likes: Attention, having her back scratched (purr), salmon and tuna cat food, climbing the clothes in the closet like a rock face to reach the topmost shelf, freeze-dried tuna flakes treats, running after and pouncing on a 3' long piece of clothesline (her favorite toy), having her claws clipped (purr), sleeping on the pillow right next to your head so her loud purring keeps you awake, yogurt, rolling on the floor of the garage in the sand and dirt.

When you are loved unconditionally, life doesn't get much better!

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February: Thor

Likes: I like climbing in my humans' lap, whether they are on a sofa or a chair. Talked my humans into getting two 9 foot sofas for the TV room so we can all watch together. I love my step brother, Dakota. He is 2 years younger than me so I have to take care of him. We both especially like our 2 mile walks along the beach in Sandbridge, VA or trekking through the parklands and woods in McLean, Va. And, of course, we adore our Sit-A-Pet buddies.

FEED ME! I am always ready for a treat or meal.

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January: Liza

Likes: Fence railings, kitty treats, shoe boxes, warm heated floors, watching the world, crawling around in places she isn't supposed to go (attic, space between floor and ceiling, closets), a good stretch and yawn after a long nap, her spot on the couch, going outside on the terrace to lay in the sunshine, hanging out in the same room with everybody else.

Dislikes: Mockingbirds!

You can look, but you can't touch.

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