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Pet of the Month Archive 2011

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December: Tallulah

Likes: Being pet - on the head, cheeks, chin and belly; cuddling; snuggling on the sofa or in bed; sitting on a warm lap (get the picture?); a distant second to lots (and lots and lots) of attention are playing with my cat dancer (but I like the dancer to come to me), having long conversations (I always get the last word), observing squirrels and birds from my window; finding a hidey hole in a nice, warm comforter; drinking water from real glasses, not that phony cat bowl junk; kitty yoga.

Why are you just sitting there looking at me? Pet me. Now...I mean please!

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November: Feisty

Likes: Cicadas and grasshoppers (yum!), Kraft singles, cooked pasta (just out of the water, a minute later it is disgusting!), dental cat chews from the vet, petromalt hairball stuff; sitting on newspaper, belly rubs, sleeping next to the fireplace, looking at birds on the balcony and window and exploring the outdoors when I am allowed (rarely! I apparently hide very well and ignore calls to go back inside).

I am not stubborn; I just don't like cat food! You eat the dry stuff!

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October: Lucy

Likes: I love FOOD, especially biscuits and treats. I have gotten very good at retrieving treats from the Kong. I also love to nap because I am pretty old. I like my walks and to sniff just about everything along the path. I like to be scratched behind the ears. I love friendly guests who come to visit. I especially love Maria from Sit a Pet because she spends lots of time with me and gives me lots of treats.

When's dinner?

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September: Hershey

Likes: I am an indiscriminate, food-obsessed "foodie". If it is food, my determination knows no bounds. I'll climb to the top of the fridge to dig open a box of Cheerios, figure out how to open the kitchen cabinet to find kitty treats, or learn to open the bedroom dresser drawers, should you deign to hide kitty treats there. I have never left a morsel of food untouched–good to the last drop is my motto. Also, what's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine, too, if I can distract you! I was the first of the Fab Four in my household to learn what "are you ready for breakfast/lunch/dinner" meant. I escort my owner to where the ...

What's Mine Is Mine. What's Yours Is Negotiable.

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August: Kitty

Likes: FOOD, FOOD, FOOD - simple as that. I know exactly what I want and when I want it (24/7), but getting my owner (I hate that word, but I'll use it here because I know she'll be reading this) to open the right can at the time I am craving that exact kind is my biggest challenge. In pursuit of my perfect meal, my owner opens up can after can after can. I'm mildly impressed with her willingness to do that, but why she wastes her time and mine using that approach is beyond me. All she has to do is open up the right can FIRST, not second, not third, and sure as heck, not last, but FIRST. Get it?

What do you mean I already ate?? PROVE IT!

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July: Miles

Likes: First and foremost, Miles loves cheese. He eats more cheese than his parents! Miles was a very stubborn puppy (still a stubborn adult) and would not eat puppy treats. His vet suggested he be trained with cheese. Since then he is very offended when anyone eats cheese in his presence, after all, isn't all cheese for him? He likes to sit in human chairs because it gives him a better vantage point to see everything. He loves to play ball and run around the house.

What do you mean I'm not a human?

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June: Cinnabon

Likes: Sleeping, watching birds, being brushed, water ... likes to wash her paws in her water bowl and dunks her toys and especially likes sneaking high calorie dry cat food from Belles bowl ... Cinnabon is a bit of a couch potato so she gets low calorie, fur ball control dry food while Belle gets steak and shrimp flavor Fancy Feast dry cat food. Likes to go for rides in the car. Loves running through the house and carpet surfing on the throw rugs. Thinks that the boxes from Costco are the best spots for sleeping.

If my owners must leave the house each day to work to earn $ for my kibble, I am agreeable to that but why can't they work some place that is pet friendly so I have a lap to sit on all day long.

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May: Cocoa

Likes: Having her head scratched and her belly rubbed; sitting on laps and purring; sleeping on her blanket and purring; playing with her favorite toys (and purring); helping to pay the bills by lying on top of them and shredding them (and purring); everyone at Sit-a-Pet who takes such good care of her.

I'd like to thank the Academy and everyone who voted for me. I'll do my best to live up to this wonderful honor!

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April: Ti

Likes: Ti, a Sit-a-Pet client since about 2000, likes to be scratched around his ears, to be picked up and carried around, to sit on laps, to be brushed, to sleep in his various beds all around the house. He goes into a trance-like state and drools when he's petted. He likes to eat, and in addition to cat food, he likes popcorn and chicken. When he was younger, he liked to explore the neighborhood, catch mice (ok) and birds (not ok), and protect his territory against interlopers. Ti is very vocal. He talks constantly as he walks, when he's hungry, and when he would like to go out or get attention.

I made the Incredible Journey!

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March: Ludlow

Likes: Baked goods (especially muffins, scones)

I just want to be loved.

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February: Suzi Q

Likes: I love people!!! Especially when they pay lots of attention to me!

I never met a squeaky rubber ball I didn't like.

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January: Zisskey

Likes: Only to drink fresh water from kitchen faucet, to run down the hall in our apartment building, to investigate every page printed by our computer, and to sleep cuddled next to us on the electric blanket.

How can you ask me to be a good boy every time you leave the apartment and shut the door in my face?

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