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Pet of the Month Archive 2010

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December: Penelope

Likes: Most especially her brother Brox, her mommy, being brushed, freeze-dried chicken treats, plastic spiral toys, carrying her stuffed mousie around the apartment and wailing at 3 a.m., sniffing the breeze, almost everything but...

I'm beautiful. I don't need to be smart.

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November: Buddy

Likes: Looking out the window over downtown Washington, playing with toys and sleep. Buddy can spend hours watching birds, people and the busy world outside, no matter what the weather. He also loves to gnaw on old leather belts, chase laser lights and wrestle. He's expert at sleeping, sometimes 14 hours a day.

I always have to stay connected with the world outside.

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October: Fawna

Likes: Fawna loves to run. She chases everything that moves across the yard and jumps three feet in the air after birds and squirrels in the trees. With other dogs she runs in circles at an amazing speed. The centrifugal forces are considerable. It's hysterical.

I may be part Chihuahua but I'm all dog!

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September: Rascal

Likes: Chicken and turkey (NOT chicken and turkey-flavored cat food - the real deal only!). Laying on my back, in various dramatic poses. Talking on Dad's speakerphone conference calls. Taking my Dad's place on the bed when he travels. My Mom's cello playing. Anything electronic (especially printer/copiers, but I don't know why my people keep replacing them - when I reach inside them, or turn them on and off and on and off over and over again, they seem fine to me). Walking around meowing with my mouth closed - it sounds like I'm humming. My brothers (some of the time).

This belly may look cute but don't you touch it!

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August: Sunshine

Likes: Belly rubs (my favorite), back rubs (my favorite), face rubs (my favorite), head rubs (my favorite), neck rubs (my favorite). Pretty much any rubs. Getting brushed and brushed and brushed (ooh, my favorite). Riding in fast cars and big trucks (damn, my favorite). Good tucker (oy! my favorite). Manipulating humans, (of course). Eating any animal that trespasses on my land. Banging my dry food bowl against the solarium floor, kinda like James Cagney in those prison movies. LAZZRR BEEMS! (MY FAVORITE.) Mowing the lawn like a tiny orange cow. Laying on laps and chests (favorite).

Today, at a heat index of 109 degrees, I would be all over this!

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July: General

Likes: String beans, scratches, junk mail, parades, anything on HBO, riding the elevator, laughing, your breakfast, my breakfast, red candy, rubber balls, destroying cheap jewelry and expensive handbags, stalking the unprotected toe.

Let's have a baby! (he obviously watches too many soap operas)

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June: Wally

Likes: Looking out the window at the world with an eye for squirrels and birds. Jumping in any shopping bags or boxes he can find. Finding hideouts in closets where he can catch a long nap. Using a Cosmic Country Catnip "beanbag" as a pillow when he naps. Eating and rolling in loose Catnip. Eating wet food with his paws. Walking across keyboards and sending emails with words such as "eklfgdjksy" right in the middle of an otherwise important message. Demanding to be petted at intervals throughout the day as well as in the middle of the night. Taking up an enormous amount of the bed for such a small critter.

Pet me! Now!

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May: Dorothy

Likes: Any ball, any size, any time. Sniffing and giving kisses to our grandchildren - before and after chewing on their binkies. Gathering as many of her toys/stuffed animals she can find and lying on top of them when she senses another dog or child is in the vicinity. Lying on our slippers, preferably but not necessarily with a pair of feet inside them. Seeing how far she can extend a path of water drips moving away from her water bowl or the open toilet bowl. Picking up a stick and running full throttle with kindred spirit dogs in ever widening circles at our neighborhood soccer field and unofficial dog park.

I am seriously attached to my stuffed animals.

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April: Georgia

Likes: Named after Curious George because of her remarkably fearless, methodological exploration of anything she encounters, Georgia has had a rich experience in her 20-year life. An early example -- as a kitten, she once wanted to cross over the mantel, where a Chanukah Menorah was burning with about 5 candles. Georgia sniffed at the candles, and then proceeded to extinguish them one by one, until she could pass by. Then she had fun picking out all the wax from her paws! She is very social, and loves to hang out wherever the people are. If you are on the computer, she types along.

I'm the Queen of Glenside Drive and don't you forget it. Not for a second.

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March: Apollo

Likes: Apollo likes food of most any type. He possesses a special fondness for things he's not supposed to eat, like whipped cream and butter. Otherwise he demands breads, crackers (saltless!) pasta (cooked and uncooked), fruits, and peanuts. Somewhat disturbingly he also loves eggs and chicken meat. Nutri-berries are his favorite good-for-him food. A musical prodigy, he likes music that features a nice rhythm so that he can dance to it and singers with deep, throaty voices.

Why aren't you paying attention to me?

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February: Phin

Likes: Playing catch with his mouse, wrestling with his big brother Phantom, sleeping in the linen closet, watching the birds out the window, GREENIES!, cotton balls, chillin in the bathtub, sleeping under blankets, meeting new people and being the center of attention.

Can we be friends?

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January: Winston

Likes: I love to cuddle and have my mom brush me or just pet me. I love to wake my mom up in the middle of the night so she will love on me. But mostly I wake her up so I can have the pillow she is laying on. I love to sit in the window all day and look outside and I get really excited if I happen to see a bird or squirrel nearby. I love when my pet sitters come to take care of me, because they bring different toys for me to play with. I love that Kathy hides treats for me between visits. My favorite treats are tuna and cheese, and if I am really good, my mom will give me some of the chicken she has for dinner.

It's a cat's world...adjust

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