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Pet of the Month Archive 2007

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December: Ishmael

Likes: To be petted, brushed, combed or otherwise pampered. To initiate conversations. To snooze at various times in various places including hallways, doorways, soft rugs, hard floors, sofas, even his own cat mat and cat bed. To herd his Man Servant toward the kitchen at meal times. To welcome visitors with the affable charm of a Wal-Mart Greeter. To commandeer his Man Servants bed at night, tickling his face with tail fur or whiskers, and licking his nose.

And how is your day?

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November: Annie

Likes: Any cat food, and the cheaper the better! Yum! She also likes soft towels, pulling blankets over her head, her puppy beanbag, paper to shred, sleeping late, sleeping in the sun, just sleeping.

I'm a cheap date (the cheaper the cat food, the more she seems to like it)

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October: Henry

Likes: Peanut butter, walks, raw carrots and celery, walks, sitting in the sun, waiting for a squirrel to fall out of a tree (hey, food falls off the kitchen counter, why not out of a tree?), napping on my mom's tummy while she lies on the couch, and especially walks.

It's always time for a walk.

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September: Amiee

Likes: Cocktail Parties! I adore a crowd, especially when the discussion turns to how darn cute I am. I love mingling, climbing on furniture, and pretending to fall sound asleep on the most comfortable chair in the house---keeping it from any guest butts. If enough attention is not headed my way, I also rely on my classic 'climb on the back of couch or chair, sit on a shoulder, and slap my tail on an unsuspecting face.' What a riot! While the recipient of the tail-slap sometimes doesn't appreciate the move, the others in the room just love it. Tis a real crowd pleaser.

Let's party.

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August: Jack

Likes: People! I demand constant attention from my family. Well, attention really from everyone who comes to the house. I adore my pet sitter, Jan. She calls me her lover-boy and lets me sit in her lap and help her write the mushy notes she leaves for my family. "Treatments". My Dad has created several special ones for me...the chin tickle, the belly fluff and the long stroke. I have to remind him several times a day that I need another treatment.

Did you call me?

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July: Tessie

Likes: Romps in the Rock Creek Park woods; chasing squirrels; big juicy bones; swimming when its hot (or whenever); chasing balls (but not retrieving them); escaping from my yard and running around the neighborhood; making the two-year old boy in my house laugh by licking his feet.

Life is Sweet

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June: Rusty

Likes: Rusty likes to have things her own way. She appreciates being left alone. She likes anything requiring the use of a can opener - for any reason. At the very sound she can speak in full sentences.

What are YOU lookin' at?

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May: Lucy

Likes: Sprinting up and down the hallway, sitting in boxes, playing with her spider and furry mice toys, chirping at the birds outside the living room window, attacking the laundry hamper, trying to open the front door, inspecting shopping bags and shoes, weekend naps, eating pad thai, licking Caesar salad dressing, watching tennis and getting treats from Dad.

Who needs two eyes? I've got tons of heart.

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April: Anna

Likes: Belly rubs, friendly people, chewing gum (especially that found on the street), tennis balls, following Mommy everywhere, meatballs, playing tug-of-war with her favorite toy, any kind of rawhide chew toy, car rides, greeting admirers on the street, Daddy's grand piano (which she likes to sleep under), cold weather, playing and running in the snow, running and playing at the Iwo Jima Memorial.

Kennel? I don't think so. I'm a show dog!

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March: Simba

Likes: My brother, Kanga; catnip; our pet sitter, Uncle Dean, who says I'm a perfect gentleman; catnip; belly rubs and ear scratchin'; playtime, especially the kitty tease and peacock feathers; rolling around in catnip in the tub; drinking water from the faucet in the bathroom sink; playing soccer with toy mice; catnip toys; playing laser tag; roaming the hallway in our apartment building and visiting Monique, our neighbor's cat; keeping my coat (and Kanga's) in pristine condition; cuddling with Mom on the couch; did I mention I like catnip?

I can lick Kanga any day!

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February: Teddy

Likes: Long walks with Bill; choosing one of his many toys to play with; tummy rubs; treats of bacon on Sunday morning; chasing squirrels, or at least trying to chase squirrels; playing in snow; watching football on the couch with Kathleen; Teddy loves Sit-a-Pet, who has been taking care of this family's companions for 23 years.

How about a walk, Mr. Bill?

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January: Mooia

Likes: Whispering sweet nothings to her while being gently cuddled under her arms and belly; taking some exercise by hopping over to our neighbors terrace and tormenting their cat through the glass; sleeping between her guardians with head on pillow and legs outstretched taking up most of the bed; afternoon snoozes on a guardian's chest nose to nose; the comfort of her third guardian, Sugar from Sit-A-Pet, who fulfills her needs while we are away.

This is how I like to ring in the New Year

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